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As anyone who was onboard our London Drag Bus launch will know, Miss Jason was quite simply the most incredible host of Drag Bus. We are beyond inconsolable over his passing and we’re truly saddened and heartbroken that he won’t be on our journey this summer. 

We’ve thought long and hard about how we can pay our respects and it seems apparent that there’s only one way. 

The Brighton Pride Drag Bus which Miss Jason was due to be hosting on Friday 2nd August from 7-9pm will now be a tribute to one of the greatest drag artistes we have ever had the pleasure of working with. 100% of proceeds will be given to Jason’s partner Terry, to give him peace of mind in what can only be described as a hugely difficult time. 

Brighton Regency Routemaster and Cherry Bomb have kindly waived their fees, as have we at Drag Bus, so we can ensure all monies raised will go directly to his partner.

Brighton Pride will not be the same this year without Miss Jason, but we hope this Drag Bus will kick proceedings off with the naughty wink we’re sure he would have blessed us with!

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